Customer Service & Amenities

Settlers' Green Customer Service is located at Suite C13 at the back of the Courtyard area across from Brandli's Pizza Grille. Customer Service is open weekdays 8:30-5 and weekends 10-5. There are also several amenities located throughout the shopping center and those are noted below.

Children's Playscape:

A rock scramble wall, a nature-scape balance walk, outdoor musical instruments and a fire pit. 

Free WiFi

Free WiFi is available throughout the Courtyard on our public network, Settlers' Green Free WiFi.

Citizens Bank ATM: Located outside of the E Building Restrooms, near Timberland and Hanes.
FedEx and UPS Dropbox: Located at the east end of the center, next to Customer Service (C13) along the road.
Walking Routes:

There are several walking routes and a nature trail located amongst the three properties at Settlers' Green, Settlers' Crossing and Settlers' Corner.

View a map:

Settlers' Green Adventure Guide:

Detailed information about points of interest in North Conway. All points are within a short drive from Settlers‘ Green. Our guide gives plenty of options, from scenic drives to where to cool off on summer days. Guides are located throughout the Courtyard with full information or points get a digital map here:

Lost & Found: Located at Customer Service Office or by contacting 603-356-7031 x100. If outside of office hours, leave a message with the main call handler and include your name, phone number, specific item(s) lost and possible location. All Lost & Found items are logged and kept for one year after reported.
USPS Mail Drop: Located at the east end of the center, outside next to Customer Service.
Restrooms: There are three locations located conveniently through out the center. E Building, D Building and H Building. Both the men's and ladies restrooms offer diaper changing stations. Feminine products are available in the ladies room. There is a family restroom with a nursing station available at the E Building.
Soda Machines: Located throughout the center.
Wheelchairs Free service! Two available at the Customer Service Office. First come, first served. No reservations allowed. Available 8:30-5 M-F and 10-5 Sat/Sun.
Strollers: Free service! Single and double child strollers equipped with baskets for packages are available at the Customer Service Office. Limit one per family. First come, first served. No reservations allowed. Available 8:30-5 M-F and 10-5 Sat/Sun.
Tourist Information:

Located at the Customer Service Office, self-service, Monday through Friday. Stocked with brochures, maps and general information about the area. 

Water Fountain: Located in the E Building restroom area near Timberland and Hanes.

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